Steel Pier System


The general dictionary definition of foundation is that a foundation is the basis of anything. It is the first step in building anything. Our structures of buildings around us hold our lives, our work, our home, our families. When our shelters are compromised it becomes a very worrying experience. Finding the correct solution to fix foundation problems can be exhausting. It is beneficial to hire a professional to do so. Our professionals are very knowledgeable about foundation structures and the things that fix them. Steel pier system is an example of a great solution.

Shrinking Soil

Soil is everywhere in the world. We use it to build our homes on. We need professionals to assess what is the best type of soil to start to work on. Unfortunately this can change with climate. If one starts and soil is firm enough and well compacted it is a great ally. However if the weather leaches a lot of moisture from the earth it can dry the soil too much. When soil is dry it becomes loose. When soil is loose it doesn’t reinforce or give the same support that is necessary for the foundation that was originally built on it. Steel piers are a system that permanently helps fix this troublesome situation.


In the last year or so something has changed with the house but you cant quite put your finger on it. Then one day you come home and park your car in the driveway, step out of the car and stand in front of your house. That paint blotch your kid made a couple summers ago is gone. It is beneath the ground. Your house is sinking. Again a situation that can strongly be instigated by shrinking soil, it is important to get your house leveled out as fast as possible. One of the main ways that this can be repaired is with the Steel Pier system.

Two Fold System

We are well equipped and familiar in installing the steel pier system when your house has begun to sink or shrinking soil has your property become uneven. These two problems are cured with the steel pier system. Our engineering minds, qualifications and years of experience make us the perfect company to put in the steel pier system, which operates on a two-fold system. This procedure helps your foundation and gives it exactly what it needs. The steel goes deep into the most weight barring part of the earth. Once there a hydraulic system is used to lift the structure and reinstate the original value of your home.

Steel Pier System

The steel pier system is a way of repairing foundations and homes. IT is a tool that we use and we can use for you. We are well versed and familiar with the various products that run on this system. This is important as every foundation is unique as it the ground it is built on. Our training and certifications provide us with the professionalism to lift your house with the steel pier system. The steel pier system is one of the most effective ways to restore value to your house when shrinking soil and sinking has begun to cause problems.

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