Crawl Space Repair

Crawl space’s are often the subject of horror movies. Just for crawling, out of the way, hidden, dark and dank it seems pretty viable that they make a good place to start for some creepy creature. It doesn’t have to be that way though. If your crawl space is reminding you of a scary movie it is probably time to give it a do over. If there are any leaks or if the space is very damp, your best bet is to get professionals that can help you out. The contractors at Jacksonville Foundation Repair also are very knowledgeable in Crawl Space Repair.


When you look at your crawl space it shouldn’t remind you of a cave for a swamp monster. If all the walls are coated with a slimy wetness you probably have water in your crawl space. Having a crawl space with water is not healthy and can be damaging. To have better moisture control is ideal to having a better home. Our contractors are well versed in finding the perfect solution to adjusting the moisture control in your crawlspace. Our contractors can help you dry out your crawlspace so it will be like a desert. Our team works quickly and efficiently with the results of the professional experts that they are.


Swamp thing’s cave went for the all-natural esthetic but you do not want that for your crawl space. If it is wet and damp and you are having problems with moisture control there may most definitely be mold. Mold causes a lot of health issues in most people from mild to extreme, sometimes even fatal. Allergic reactions to mold can occur from mold being in a home. If there is a smell and black or greenish spots on the interior of your crawl space it is time to get the professionals to fix it. Our professionals moisture control technology and procedures will have your crawl space aerated and dry in no time.


The cave like interior of a crawl space can be inviting to all sort of problems. The dampness can cause extra dampness to be held inside your home. This can cause sagging floors. The dampness can in turn cause mold, which can make your loved ones sick. The other dangerous possibility of a dark damp crawl space is that it can attract all sorts of pests. A crawl space isn’t a place in the home that humans are readily going in and out. As it is off the main traffic routes for your loved ones, and because it is a small dark place pests can find it the perfect home.

Your Crawl Space Professionals

Our contractors know all about crawl space repair. When you chose us you are getting top-notch service because our team are certified trained and experienced. It is in our best interest that you get the best experience. Drying out crawl spaces and getting rid of mold is a task that we do all the time and we have raised the standards in crawl space repair with our lasting results. Fixing up you crawl space will radiate out into your home. Not only does getting rid of the dampness and bad smell fix that crawl space but it will better the actual foundation of your house.

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