House Leveling

Does it happen that sometimes when you drop a Tylenol, or your kid drops their toy ball, do they always roll to one side of the house? Is there that one side that the office chairs always creeps towards? Are your floors uneven? Sometimes the surrounding earth our houses are built on can compromise the structures foundation over time. Other times it is the actual foundation. There can be structural problems from the beginning in the way that it was built. Soil can shrink or there can be erosion of the actual foundation. The roots of trees can also get in the way and cause problems.

Foundation Movement

In house structures that have entire basements, pier and beam foundations, or slab foundations, foundation movement can offcut. If there is a lot of pushing and settling it is possible that the foundation will be damaged and it will begin to crack. When this is happening it is important to get experts like the ones at Jacksonville Foundation Repair. Our contractors know how to solve these problems. We can expertly level a house so it seems like the foundation is brand new and has never moved an inch. Doing this will help restore your home to it’s strongest state.

Complications of Earth

When the earth gets really dry the soil is not as compact. Having trees in your yard can really brighten up the look of your home, but one must be careful how close the trees are to the house. If the trees roots extend to underneath the house it is possible that the roots will soak up a lot of moisture under the foundation. If the moisture under the foundation is taken away the soil that is sits on will dry out and become more loose. This can cause the house to shift because dry soil is loose and not stable.

Some Ways of Leveling

When you need your house leveled you want to the most experienced and professional contractors out there. At Jacksonville Foundation Repair our team understands all the ins and out to leveling a house. We keep up to date with the different methods for the different kinds and the technology that is used and needed. One of the ways we can lift the concrete of your homes foundation is pressure grouting. To do this a mud like substance is made with concrete mixed in for strength. Then small access holes are drilled in the concrete in certain places where the mud will be pushed into lift the slab. Expanding foam can also help level the house with this method.

Other Ways of Leveling

There is the hydraulic lift, plate anchors, helical piers and steel push piers. There are several methods that we have great expertise in to help you out with. When we get called out to a house our trained technicians assess and give you an estimate. Depending on the type of foundation the problem that is causing your house to sink, and the solutions that are available, we will customize the job to your needs. If you have any questions or concerns on the different types of house leveling that we can do for you please give us a phone call so that we can understand what exactly it is we are working with.

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