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Jacksonville Foundation Repair


Your home is the foundation of your life. When you first notice that the foundation of your home has a crack it can be a nerve-racking experience. Don’t worry though. You have come to the right place. Welcome to Jacksonville’s top rated foundation repair company. We are the foundation repair experts. If you have a foundation floor crack, or any foundation problems, pier and beam or block and base we are the guys you need. Our team of foundation specialists at Jacksonville Foundation repair are highly trained, and fully certified.

About Us

Serving the Jacksonville area for years our company is made up of the people you know in Jacksonville. We started locally, we work locally and we hire locally. The foundation repair experts of Jacksonville all work at Jacksonville Foundation Repair. When we first started we were a smaller company. The demand allowed us to grow which in turn allows us to invest more and more in our knowledge. When you hire us be assured that you are getting the best of industry with a foundation settlement repair cost that will beat any other.

Services We Provide

Our Services are structured with our knowledge training and certifications. As foundation repair specialists we customize the services to suit the solutions you need. Whether it is preventative maintenance for pier beam foundations, structural damage repair, cracked concrete, slab repair, house leveling or house raising we can do it for you. We also offer a free inspection estimate.

Commercial Foundations

If you are having structural issues with the foundation of your building site preparation, new construction, or a high-rise apartment we can help. Foundation problems in commercial buildings can cause a lot of stress. However we have the foundation repair contractors that can work on your commercial building and give you the confidence that you need.

Crawl Space Repair

When your crawl space has moisture problems it can have a trickle effect. We know how important a crawl space is to a home’s foundation and we have all the state of the art equipment and training to bring it back up to top notch. When you come to us we assist you in making sure that your crawl space is sealed waterproofed and insulated. Our crawl space specialists will also assist you for a competitive crawl space repair cost.

“Slab repair, house raising, retaining wall repair- these guys do it all. I’m in the construction business. My work is restoring old houses to new, or flipping them I should say. These guys are the first ones anyone in our business calls. They are total pros.” Douglas J.

House Leveling

Does the dog’s ball roll to one end of the house? Or the office chair on wheels roll to the one end? Having a corner of your home lower than the other is a startling realization. That is why we are here. Tree roots, poor drainage, structural damage and or foundation erosion can all cause a house to need leveled. If your home is sinking we can lift it.

Retaining Wall & Seawall Repair

Retaining walls are keeping one level of soil apart from another. These can be compromised for all sorts of reasons, including pressure variation or water fluctuation. Is your seawall bulging? Is your retaining wall destabilized? Our contractors work with engineers and together as a team they know how to assess these situations and come up with solutions. Not correcting the issues of a seawall can affect the worth of your property and damage the environment.

“When the foundation of a house is off it is a huge issue. It could have to do with the soil or the basic structure of the house. I knew when I bought this house it was made well. I didn’t realize the soil around it would erode and cause the issues that it did. Who knows what it was? Anyway I wasn’t equipped to fix it. So I called them cause I knew them. They’re the best. And of course they did a great job.” Harry C.


Slab Stabilization

Slab stabilization is essential to a proper foundation. Under the slab there can be empty spaces that can cause complications like faulting or cracking. In re-stabilizing the slab sometimes grout or other materials are used to fill the empty pockets. Our contractors and specialists are perfectionists with the engineering and mechanics of slab stabilization. When you hire us you are getting the best in the industry.

Steel Pier System

A common foundation predicament is sinking. If your foundation is sinking we know the ultimate way to repair it. It has been said that the best foundation repair system out there is the steel pier system. Our foundation repair contractors are very familiar with the steel pier system and can install it in your foundation with ease.

“ The foundation in our house was sinking. My son noticed it first when he dropped some peas on the ground. “Why are they rolling mommy?” Within in a couple months the whole place was at an angle and to be honest it frightened me. We knew it had to be fixed right away. My husband wanted the top affordable foundation repair company. I was looking for foundation companies near me that were reputable and trustworthy. We both did separate searches- he googled and I asked my friends and then I asked my cousin. Both of them had gone through similar issues in the last couple years. My husband and I after our research came back to both have the same answer: Jacksonville Foundation Repair. Their contractors were superior for sure. They did an amazing house raising. Nothing rolls in any direction. Our place is level and straight. They also did a free inspection estimate, which made my partner really happy. Not to sounds too dramatic but personally I felt rescued. “ Harriet P.

Reach Out To Us

Our company isn’t just about professional great service. We also take into consideration the importance of our individual clients. If you have any concerts about your foundation and would like to ask a professional we are here for you. Please feel free to contact us anytime at the number provided on this website.