Commercial Foundations

It is a rule that the foundation of anything needs to be solid. It is the initial application of progress and stability. In all areas of life your foundation makes you or breaks you. When the building that houses your commercial business is having structural problems it is a sign to take a pause and sort out the basic necessities. Our business is working with foundations and their repairs. Residential high rises, new developments we do it all for commercial foundations. When you have a problem with your commercial foundation you want Jacksonville Foundation Repair to assist you in getting back up and running.


There are several things that come into consideration when deciding what type of commercial foundation should be built. One of the common restrictions is the budget that the commercial business has to work with. This affects materials and the length of time allowed for building. Whether cost has or has not played into building the commercial foundation we do not want the cost of hiring Jacksonville Foundation Repair to be considered a huge expense. We provide honest hard work backed by knowledgeable professionals at very cost effective prices. Our labor and assistance is the best you can get for commercial foundations, their repair and or their general construction.

Types of Commercial Foundations

There are several types of commercial foundations. Knowing what they are can be useful to our clients. Our specialists are well versed in all of them and work on any. The composition of commercial foundation can vary. This variance is based on some factors like allotted funds for the project, structural loads and what type of soil that the foundation is being built on. The types are slab with beams, spot footing, mat and piles caps. Spot footing is familiar to those that know commercial construction. It is more commonly used. It uses a mixture of grade beams and columns. It is a shallow foundation.

Mat Commercial Foundation

Things like structural weight and the type of earth they are built on play into the type of commercial foundation built.. Various commercial foundations have different depth classifications. As mentioned above the spot footing is not a deep foundation, but shallow. Some can be either deep or shallow. The mat commercial foundation can be a deep commercial foundation or a shallow commercial foundation. The mat commercial foundation is a rock foundation. It also has a continual girth through the structure. Reinforced more than other commercial foundations it is common that the mat commercial foundation will take weighty loads, heavier than what other commercial foundations would.

Foundations with a Light Load

The types of foundations are based on ability to withstand certain elemental factors. Another thing that determines commercial foundations use of materials and structure is the cost allotted to building them. Unlike the mat commercial foundation that can take heavy loads, there is the opposite. The shallow foundation of a slab with beams is used on commercial foundations that are loaded not with a lot of weight, but less weight. Slab foundations with beams are usually lightly loaded. These foundations are constructed by making trenches around and inside for the beams, making sure everything is reinforced and then casting the concrete.

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