Native to Jacksonville we started out in the foundation repair business, as just a couple of friends using their engineering know how to do projects for one another. Our first project was helping a buddy figure out why his cottage was sinking. It was our most difficult job because the cottage had been built by our friend, and built poorly. It was the beginning of our company though. We found the work satisfying and enjoyable and sought out further education and professional certification. From there we hired more local professionals and contractors from Jacksonville and invested in the best equipment money could be. We wanted top-notch results for clients so we could prove to them our business was a service that was here for them.

We have been working in foundation repair in Jacksonville for a very long time. We strive for the highest standard of results. When we finish a job the end result is the best you’ll get. Our reputation of sturdy repair work precedes us. Having done jobs for this city’s malls, condos, libraries schools, and houses in about every neighborhood we know Jacksonville very well. It isn’t easy to built up a word of mouth reputation in foundation repair but at first that was how it was. Our commitment to out clients, our commitment to hard work, and our commitment to displaying our expertise was the driving force behind Jacksonville Foundation Repair when we first began. Today those are the motivations that we bring to every job.

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Jacksonville Foundation Repair