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Is your retaining wall keeping your home safe and secure from rising water? Or is it helping keep the slope of hill spilling onto the road? Retaining walls are used to keep different level of soil separate most likely an elevated hill from a road. They also keep a river that runs through a city from running over the city. If there is a bulge or crack in the wall the retaining wall could be becoming destabilized. For example water fluctuation and/or pressure variation can begin to destabilize the wall and cause problems.

Retaining wall

Most likely you have a retaining wall in your home. Your basement wall is a type of retaining wall. The definition of a retaining wall is a wall structured to maintain a change in elevation by withstanding the lateral pressure of soil. Although your basement is a type of a retaining wall we say retaining wall and usually refer to a fee standing structure. It is made to stop soil and earth from following gravity and moving downwards. There is a pressure that builds from this. There must be a proper drainage system in case there is ground water and the wall must be built well addressing this issue of pressure of there will be problems

Retaining Wall Repair

When the wall is bulging out at the bottom, if it has cracks, or if there is underground water that is damaging your retaining wall you will need professional assistance in getting the wall back up to top notch. To prevent any more damage it is good to get it done right away. When you contact Jacksonville Foundation Repair for solutions to your retaining wall issues, we assess the situation and customize the solutions to you needs. Our contractors work with engineers and know how to properly fix and adjust retaining walls so the soil conditions that have caused the problems can be dealt with.


Similar to a retaining wall, the purpose of a seawall is to keep soil on one side while the other goes along the shoreline. There are many reasons to have a seawall when living in a seaside community, or a town that has a river that runs through it. This can be a protective measure to keep the shore free from the damage of waves. To properly uphold the integrity of the seawall, in the original construction there must be proper drainage, and soil grouting. However seawalls are not always constructed with that much consideration for the proper measures that should go into constructing them. When this doesn’t happen problems will occur

Seawall Repair

A seawall is made to protect the shoreline. When the seawall is bulging or cracked there is a problem that needs to be addressed. A soil reinforcement mesh can help but more likely it is best to get the professionals to take a look at your seawall and its problems. Our contractors are experts in seawall solutions. Certified and knowledgeable we have engineering knowledge that allows us to customize each solution. When you get us to fix your wall we send out one of our professionals who then can examine the wall and it’s faults. From there things can be decided upon such as which treatment is best for your seawall.

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